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How To Get Here From There (part 4)

Posted on July 15, 2013 at 3:35 PM
How To Get Here From There (part 4)

When we got ready to leave the restaurant and went over to pay our bill, the waitress said "it had already been paid" one of the customers that had been in there had paid our bill, that really was a pleasant surprise.
There is many things to see along I-90 while going through S.Dakota a few to mention is the Mitchell, "Corn Palace", where each year they decorate the outside of the building  with scenes all made with nothing but colored corn, there are many museums, and places of interest to check out if you find yourself in this area, next place of interest that we stopped at was the world famous Wall Drug store, there is quite a story connected with this place but I will just tell you that it was offering free ice water to weary travelers that brought them in off from the dusty highway to stop and get a drink that built what is now anything but just a drugstore its a small city inside a city, and well worth seeing, My first Buffalo Burger was ordered and ate there, UMmmm good...from Wall it was on through to Rapid city and then I-90 takes a swing up North and on to Sturgis and our final destination.........There are many things that this story can mean to different people, but what I hope you take from it is that You Can do anything if you have desire, a strong yearning to go somewhere or do something, yes it may be hard and there can be privation, and discomfort, but the satisfaction in doing what you set out to do is more than enough compensation.

I hope that you enjoyed this story

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