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How to get here from There

Posted on July 14, 2013 at 2:50 AM

How To Get Here From There (part 3)

Well, we decided standing there in the cold was not helping matters much and there was that big ole truck rolling in the direction we wanted to go, soo we hopped on the bike and caught up to him...drafted him into a little town where he was going to fill up, but we seen a restaurant and headed right for it, now mind you this was about 2:00A.M. and the only thing open around there so we ordered Hot chocolate and drank and talked with the waitress, who couldn't believe we were out traveling so far in that kind of weather, she just kept filling our cups with Chocolate and we just kept talking, after a couple of hours or so we decided we were warm enough and off back down the interstate we went.......we made a couple more stops along the way to warm up a bit, and then around about 6:00 A.M. we see an exit sign and it said "Puckwanna" both of us were beat tired and very hungry so we pull off at that exit and drive off the interstate a few miles and come upon this little town, and first thing off we spot the local cafe, and there is several pick up trucks parked around it, we stop and go in much to the surprise of everyone in there, we got some very peculiar looks, and it wasn't long before one fellow in bib overhauls ask us, "Do guys know its winter ? not very good Motorcycle weather is it? we kind of laughed and told him we had eloped and were on our way to Sturgis to start our life together, Well when the others in there heard our story and that we had eloped, they just got real friendly and thought that if this gal who was with me would go through all we had and still wanted to marry me, she was definitely a keeper and I had better treat her good because there just isn't many around like that anymore, and of course I agreed lol (I may do stupid things, but I'm not stupid).
Oh by the way Puckwanna is in S.Dakota right off of I-90 and its claim to fame was That back in the 40s Johnny Carson and fellow enlisted men were traveling along the highway when a winter storm hit the area and they all had to stay there in the local Hotel till the next morning, that Hotel was still there the last time I was in Puckwanna and that was about 1972.......To be Continued

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